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High school boys lacrosse players are required to use a helmet, stick, gloves, shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis, arm pads, protective cup and a mouthguard. Rib pads are optional. Goalies are also required to wear a helmet with a separate throat protector, gloves and a chest protector that meets the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis.

You can review the USA Lacrosse Equipment Guide by clicking on the USA Lacrosse image below.


Sea King Loaner Gear Program

We recognize that purchasing a stick and a full set of protective equipment is an expensive proposition, particularly before you are sure your son wants to stick with lacrosse. As a result, we have a limited amount of loaner gear for new players. This used gear is courtesy of CDM alumni families and the short-term loaner program is a good stop gap plan until you are ready to purchase your son his own equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to our loaner gear can be restricted or denied during more strict Covid Protocols.

Buy the Stick First

We highly recommend purchasing a stick first, along with a few lacrosse balls. Your son can dramatically improve his initial lacrosse experience by having his own stick and developing sound stick skills. 

There are so many sticks from which to choose (heads, handles and stringing techniques), but our experience tells us that the best option for developing young players is a Complete 2 stick from StringKing. Try to avoid custom sticks, with custom stringing jobs until your son is at least capable of noticing the difference. The StringKing Complete 2 stick series offers four versions for the developing youth and high school player. These sticks provide the kids with the easiest and most consistent path to good stickwork from the first pass and catch.



Ages 15 & Up

Sea King Buying Guide For New Players

The items recommended in this Guide can be found at Monkey Sports in Irvine or Dick’s Sporting Goods and online through a number of lacrosse retailers. The Sea King StringKing Store only sells StringKing products.


Whether you plan to go to Dicks or purchase your son’s gear online, you may want to go to Monkey Sports first to figure out exactly what it is you want (brand, model, size, etc.) - they have one of the more  significant in-store inventory selections from which to consider your options.



Shopping Strategy For Older Dawgs (7th-8th grade)

Younger high school players should consider investing in quality gear that can be used for all four years - slightly bigger than it needs to be and offering a higher level of protection. 


Arm Pads and Gloves: Any brand and model works, but you should consider middle to higher levels of protection. Try to stick to colors that are consistent with CDM colors: navy blue, light blue, black and or white. While these colors are not a requirement, we ask you to please try and avoid colors inconsistent with the CDM school colors.


Shoulder Pads: Any brand and model works. Colors are not critical, as they are hidden by the player's jersey. You should consider middle to higher levels of protection. Be sure to choose shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis. It is a requirement.


Helmets: We recommend Cascade helmets. They are adjustable. All white with a silver face mask is preferred, particularly if your son plans to attend CDM. These are the same helmets the kids wear in high school.


Sticks: Other than his helmet, this is the most critical piece of equipment you will buy. We recommend the String King Complete 2 Senior. They come pre-strung and include the shaft. They are the most consistent, enabling developing players to throw with much better accuracy and confidence. Having sticks “custom strung” as a new and developing player makes no sense and 100% of the players who do this are getting more than they need and more than they can handle.

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