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CDM Lacrosse is not just a team, it's a culture. Choosing to play lacrosse for the Sea Kings is making the conscious decision to become a part of something bigger than one's self. Being a Sea King lacrosse player is not easy and it's not for everyone.

CDM lacrosse players take great pride in their community and in having the opportunity to attend high school with their childhood friends and compete at the highest level for their neighborhood school. Members of the team deeply believe in the value of its culture and are proud of the commitment they have made to each other and to the rest of their school community.

Sea King lacrosse players hold themselves and their teammates to a higher standard. The culture of the program is steadily built upon two fundamental principles:


Integrity Matters.


Do what's right, not what's easy.

The CDM lacrosse program believes very strongly in the process of "Building Better Teammates" by guiding its players through a three-stage personal developmental process during their time at CDM:

Stage 1 - When Others Do For You
Stage 2 - When You Do For Yourself
Stage 3 - When You Do For Others

Following this progression ultimately prepares Sea King lacrosse players for a very successful future in college and beyond. A true teammate is one who has moved on from where he is dependent upon others, through a stage in which he takes responsibility for himself, and on to a place in which he is confident enough to provide meaningful support to others.

The CDM lacrosse program understands that its high school team is but one of many different types of teams on which its players will participate throughout their lives. The better prepared Sea King players are to be good teammates in high school, the greater chance they will serve in leadership roles and experience success on their various teams in the future.

Success is a natural and proud result of the program's culture.

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